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Web Hosting Disk Limits Information


Depending on the CSS Services Hosting Plan you have chosen, you are given a certain quota of disk space usage. Our base disk space is 1 GB.

Disk space is the amount of hard drive space that you are using for your website(s).

Disk space usage is completely separate from the Data Transfer limits which meter and limit how much information you transfer to and from your website(s).

If you go over the allocated disk space quota, you will be charged for the amount that you have gone over.

We currently charge $0.00146 (USD) per MB or $1.50 (USD) per GB (1 GB is 1,024 MB) over your base disk space quota used. This is a recurring monthly charge.

If this calculated overage amount is less that $5.00 (USD) per month, you will be invoiced quarterly.

The disk space you use includes your html files, graphics, audio clips, log files, and all other files that make up your Web site, as well as e-mail messages.

Aside from your website, you may need to monitor your log files and your email accounts , to make sure you stay beneath your quota.

Deleting old, unused or outdated files is a good way to manage your disk space usage and help keep your disk space usage within the parameters of your hosting plan.

If you find the need for a higher disk space quota, please contact us and we can design a new plan for you.

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